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Privacy policy

Here we explain how Testimaa stores, uses and shares data.

What data is stored

The following data is stored by Testimaa when a user takes a test:

  1. Responses to the questions
  2. Approximate location of the user (city, country)
  3. Information on the user's browser.
  4. The locale requested by the user's browser.
  5. Possible information on referring site.
  6. Time and date

Additionally Testimaa temporarily stores user's IP addresses to safeguard from network attacks. When Testimaa stores IP addresses for this purpose, they are stored separately from the user's responses to the questions.

Testimaa tries to avoid storing data which would allow for connecting stored responses to an individual person. In case of an error it is however possible that also this kind of information is stored in Testimaa's systems.

How stored data is used

Currently stored data is used to allow for users to share their results and responses, and to allow for collecting and presenting the statistics shown on the Testimaa website.

In the future Testimaa and third parties may use the stored data also for other purposes.

Sharing of stored data

Once a test has been taken, the user's result, including responses to individual questions, will be available on a public URL address.

Stored data can be shared with 3rd parties.

3rd party services

Testimaa uses the following 3rd party services:

  1. Google Analytics, which is used for tracking visits.
  2. Google AdSense, which is used for targeted advertising.
  3. Google App Engine, which provides the technical infrastructure for the website.

Testimaa recommends that visitors familiarize themselves with these services using the links provided.