Creeping Alcoholism -Test

Traditionally, alcoholism has been thought of as something that is black and white: you either are or are not an alcoholic. We don't think such thinking serves us very well. There is a tiny alcoholic living inside each one of us, and the real question is not whether we are alcoholics or not. Instead, we should ask what kind of alcoholics we are.

The Creeping Alcoholism -Test looks at alcoholism from that perspective and helps you understand how tight your little relationship is with your dear friend alcohol.

When was the last time you had fun without booze?
Select the reasons why you are drinking
How many times have you decided to reduce or stop your drinking while you have had a hangover or drinker's remorse?
Any decisions which you never believed in right from the start also count.
Have you blacked out because of drinking during the last year?
Who has been voicing their concern about your drinking during the last year?
Check the symptoms you have had after you (momentarily) stopped drinking.
During the last two years.
Choose the things that you would be ready to abandon for the rest of your life to be able to continue drinking alcohol.
Do not select things that are not part of your life anyway.
When was the last time you spent over two hours with one of your friends while you were sober?
Your significant other does not count.
Take a liquor bottle, open the cap and smell the contents. Do you crave a drink?
Have you passed out during the last year because of drinking?
In a typical hangover
You don't necessarily need to select any of the options.
Have you noticed that you can't drink as much as you used to?
When you are drinking with your friends, do you occasionally try sneak an extra drink or two?
Do you feel that the benefits of alcohol outweigh the downsides for you?
At your current level of consumption
How many drinks do you take on average in a week?
Give your answer in US standard drinks. 355 ml of 5% beer, a 15 cl glass of 12% wine, and a 44 ml shot of 40% liquor each correspond to a single drink.
Do you reward yourself with alcohol, like after you've finished an exhausting assignment?
What "things" have you lost because of alcohol?
How many times have you cried during the last three years?
A few sentimental tears while watching Top Gun do not count.
Since you started drinking OR since your drinking has increased, you have become more...
How long is the longest period this year during which you have not been thinking about alcohol?
Time spent sleeping does not count.
How long is the longest period during which you have not been thinking about the person who's most important in your life?
Again, time spent sleeping does not count.
In an hour you will be at a fun social event with cheap booze where people are going to be drinking a lot. Do you feel like predrinking?
How old are you?
Are you male or female?
Have you felt the urge to drink while doing this test?
You have not answered enough questions yet! You need to answer more questions before we can give you a result.
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